Simple Home Remedies for Dogs

Simple Home Remedies for Dogs

Simple Home Remedies for Dogs

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All living creatures including humans and dogs get sick at times. In fact, your dog is bound to get sick regardless of his environment. It’s therefore important to learn how to cope with illnesses when they strike. The good thing is that there are various conditions that can be treated at home without necessarily going to a vet clinic. Below are some home remedies that have been tried and tested on different dogs.

Vitamin E for Treating Dry Skin

What do you do when the skin of your canine buddy gets dry? Vitamin E has been used for many years as an anti-aging agent on humans. Although the vitamin is mainly used to eliminate wrinkles on humans, it can also be used to moisturize the skin of your dog. You have the option of smearing vitamin E oil on the dog’s skin or mixing it with the water that you use to bathe the canine. Alternatively, you can buy vitamin E pills and administer them orally by mixing with dog food. If you opt for the pills, it’s recommended that you consult your vet on the appropriate dose to ensure there are no instances of overdosing.


Electrolyte Replenishment Liquids for Dehydration

It goes without saying that vomiting and diarrhoea cause the body to loose a significant volume of fluids. The two conditions can be remedied at home by administering electrolyte replenishment liquids. These liquids are also used by sportsmen to keep their bodies hydrated after engaging in vigorous field activities. But it’s advisable to get the correct dosage from an experienced vet.

Yogurt for Yeast Infections

Yogurt contains acidophilus as an active ingredient. The compound helps in eliminating yeast infections in dogs. It works by keeping your dog’s intestines in balance by preventing build up of bacteria. Since it should be given in small quantities, you should pour the yogurt on your dog’s food. You can also buy acidophilus pills and have them administered orally.

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