Sixth Sense/Dog Love ?


The Unconditional Love of a Dog.

Probably the biggest reason dogs have earned the reputation as man’s best friend is the fact that they give us unconditional love. They are never distrustful or suspicious of our motives, and they are perfectly willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy. Therefore, how can we not love them in return? It is almost impossible to understand how they can always want go with us everywhere and be a part of everything we do. There is no explanation for this other than the fact that their love has no strings attached. They do not care how we look or what we wear, and they always seem especially proud to be seen with us, even if we think maybe we should have never left the house that day.

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of a dog’s personality is that, unlike humans, a dog never holds a grudge. They quickly forgive us when we have a bad day and yell at them or forget that we promised a game of catch or a run around the block. In this sense, they teach us valuable lessons about things like acceptance, patience, and devotion.

Regarding the reasons we love them, they are probably too numerous to count. Just the companionship alone that they offer us when no one else is particularly eager to be in our company is one of the most admirable traits they possess. Not to mention the fact that they are exceptionally easy to please. For instance, they can eat the same food every day, yet savor every meal as if it is a gourmet treat. They are even perfectly willing to clean up the food we drop on the floor by accident. Who could ask for more than that in a best friend? They can also turn an ordinary task into something to look forward to. For example, they have the ability to transform a lonely walk into an enjoyable activity, and are always ready to go when we are. They seem to always know when we are blue as well, and do whatever they can to lift us out of the doldrums.

Perhaps the most interesting thing of all is that they also have the ability to receive love and affection from us, and seem to know just how much difference they make in our lives. Maybe this is why some people believe that dogs have a sixth sense. Judging by the affection they give and their exceptional devotion, it is no small wonder that we are devoted to them as well.

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