Small puppy left with neurological damage by man accused of felony cruelty charges

Rocky may never walk properly...Rocky may never walk properly...

A 23-year-old California man pleaded not guilty to felony animal cruelty in a Martinez courtroom earlier this week, reported Wednesday’s The accused man, identified as William Landers, was charged after a January 13 incident in Antioch County, California, which left a 10-week-old pup with severe injuries determined to be consistent with blunt force trauma.

The Labrador retriever/pit bull mix pup, dubbed “Rocky,” was taken to Antioch Animal Services where a veterinarian noted that he was suffering from neurological damage that had impacted his ability to walk normally. Landers, who is reported to be an area transient, was allegedly observed shaking and hitting the pup – he tried to claim to the authorities that the puppy had simply fallen out of a shopping cart.

The injured pup was taken to a foster home to recuperate – his current condition is unknown.

Original story about the alleged animal cruelty incident at this link.

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