The Top Smartest Dog Breeds


CatchFred readers who are planning to purchase a puppy or dog may be curious about which dogs are regarded as the smartest. If you are interested in acquiring a breed of dog known for its intelligence, you will be intrigued to discover that the smartest dogs share several characteristics. For example, most make terrific family pets and many are working breeds, such as police or military dogs. Most need steady exercise in order to stave off boredom, and they will usually find ways to amuse themselves, regardless of the type of activity in which they have to engage to accomplish this goal. For this reason, such dogs are highly entertaining, and therefore make great family pets.

The Smartest Canine Breeds

The American Kennel Club states that the border collie is celebrated throughout the world for its intelligence and outstanding work ethic. Such dogs are usually champions in agility contests, and are famous for their ability to heard other animals such as sheep. However, because of their high intelligence, they must be kept occupied so that they do not resort to destructive behavior.

Used as both military dogs and police dogs, Doberman pinscher’s are renowned for their intelligence and high adaptability. They are also very easy to train. German shepherds are another breed used by law enforcement agencies, as their ability to follow commands to the letter makes them perfect for use in this capacity.

If you are allergy prone, but looking for a highly intelligent puppy or dog, consider a poodle. There is a broad range of sizes belonging to this breed, ranging from the large standard poodle to the teacup variety. Interestingly, poodles are also easily trained and can function as guard dogs due to their fierce loyalty to their owners.

Golden retrievers are a large dog breed frequently used for search and rescue operations. Because of their mild temperament, they typically get along well with both humans and other dogs. Considered by some individuals as the perfect pet, golden retrievers enjoy swimming and other physical activities, and are renowned for their patience with children.

Caring for Your Puppy or Dog

Regardless of the type of dog or puppy you choose, it is important to ensure the pet receives adequate nutrition and regularly sees his or her vet in order to screen for health problems or other issues. CatchFred fans who want to acquire a highly intelligent dog should definitely consider one of the five breeds listed above.

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