Another Type of Tender Loving Care.

Any catchFred reader who has lost a pet knows that it can be a life altering experience. However, studies show that almost a third of all pets will be lost at some point in their life. It is sobering statistics such as these that may cause you to wonder if you are doing enough to ensure that your pooch is protected in case he or she wanders off, or someone attempts to lure your best friend away. You will be happy to know that the odds of losing your puppy or dog are drastically reduced when you follow the simple steps outlined below.

You may have heard the acronym “TLC,” and it is a good one: this is because one of the best ways to provide “tender loving care” to your dog is to have him or her tagged, licensed, and chipped. Tagging is a simple, yet effective way to ensure that if your dog gets lost, whoever finds him or her will be able to quickly discover your contact information. This is the first place most individuals look when they come upon a lost dog.

Licensing is another important consideration that is often overlooked. Even if your city does not have laws concerning the purchase of a license, get one anyway. This makes it easy for local shelters to enter your information and track you down for the purpose of returning your dog to you in the event that he or she is lost.

Finally, consider having a microchip implanted in your pooch. The latter are only about the size of a grain of rice, and will not hurt your dog’s health. Such chips contain all the facts necessary to ensure that your pooch is identified and returned to you. You may wonder why this is necessary if your dog already has a collar, but unfortunately, in the event of certain accidents or natural disasters, collars can be destroyed; however, chips cannot. Losing a pet can be a devastating experience that a person may never get over. Don’t let this happen to you. Rather, practice “TLC” like many other catchFred readers and enjoy peace of mind.

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