Nametag: an easy way to keep your buddy safe

 NameTags: an easy way to keep your buddy safe?

Giving a name to our pet is one of the first things we do when we have decided to take care of him and give it all the love he needs. A name is a form of “appropriation” that confers a space in our emotional sphere. Placing ID tags is even more important since it’s a way of notifying others “this dog is loved”.

When a dog is lost doesn’t have the means to communicate and express that, somewhere there’s a family that desperately seeks him. Tags and microchips work to give him not only identity but a voice.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) only 15-20% of lost dogs returned to their homes due to the lack of proper identification. At first, it may take a little time for our buddy getting used to wearing a collar, but little by little he will as long as fits him.

There’s an option for everyone

If you find the annoying tingling tag sound, there are collar options that include space to place the insulated information inside the necklace in a way that identifies it without generating any kind of noise.

This option might even be preferable for those dogs that are distracted by the sound of the tag or that in previous occasions have lost it.

Besides the pet name, placing your phone is indispensable. Other important information you can add is vaccination status and direction. Actually, you could use a pet’s collar to warn others about their play habits and special needs through a color code that gains more and more acceptance internationally.

We also recommend evaluate the safety of your pets, dogs and cats alike, as loose or excessively tight necklaces can cause skin problems or pose a risk of accidental suffocation. There are necklaces designed to prevent this type of accidents that will protect your pet from any threat.

Watch the case of Luna. At first you would never believe it’ll all end up so nice!

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