Taming a Glutton Dog

Taming a Glutton Dog

Taming a Glutton Dog

Everyone knows one or two dogs that tend to eat too much. Such a dog behaves like it has not eaten for several days. The problem is that the dog never gets enough of anything. Funny enough, such a dog remains so thin despite eating too much food which makes you wonder where the nutrients go.

It can really embarrass you in front of visitors as it begs from them because it creates an impression that you don’t give it enough food. It follows you like a shadow especially when you are preparing meals in the kitchen. Below are some tips on how to deal with such behavior in dogs.

Organize a Vet Visit

When your dog eats excessively, there is usually more than what meets the eye. And since you are not an expert on animal matters, the best person to consult is a vet. There are illnesses that cause dogs to have more cravings for food.

According to Dr. Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian, they include conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and Cushing ’s disease. On the other hand, Dr. Anthony Ishak, a veterinarian at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Florida argues that cancer and parasites found in the intestines can cause a dog to overeat.

Never Overfeed Your Dog

After the vet has confirmed that your dog is not suffering from any disease, you should ensure that you don’t give it excess food. This is because it will get used to eating too much. Even if your dog gives you a look that implies that it’s begging for food, you should just ignore it until the next meal time.

A dog that eats too much is likely to be obese. An obese dog has high chances of getting arthritis. This is because the extra weight becomes unbearable to its bones. Moreover, an obese dog hardly exercises due to the fact that it can’t move around for long.

Introduce Fiber into Meals

You should introduce foods that are rich in fiber into dog meals. This is because they will make him feel full most of the time. Foods that contain fiber include beans and vegetables. But you should introduce them gradually because too much of fiber can be counterproductive on dogs when introduced instantly.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of your dog’s craving for food to teach him a few lessons. It’s easier to teach him during such times because he expects you to give him something to eat after doing what you want.

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