Taming the Leash Pulling Dog


Taming the Leash Pulling Dog

Going for a walk with your dog is supposed to be fun. The leash is usually hooked to the neck to help you in limiting the movement of the canine. But then there are dogs that enjoy pulling on the leash. This behavior is very irritating. The walk that was supposed to be nice and slow turns into a briskly affair. Instead of the dog following you, it’s you who has to follow it to wherever it’s heading.

Walk Straight into Trouble

When your dog starts pulling, you can never tell where that behavior will take both of you. If you are strolling in a park, the dog might tie itself to a tree. At times you might bump on other people as you get pulled towards them without a notice.

The worst is that the poor canine can slip out of your hands and get lost into the crowds. At the end, a walk that was supposed to leave you relieved makes you feel like you were loading bulky stuff into a truck. The good thing is that you can tame your dog to follow your lead by applying the tricks below.

Begin at Tender Age

If you had kids, you would teach them to be well mannered while they are still little. Well, there is no difference when it comes to taming your dog. You should start training your dog to walk with a leash while it’s still a puppy.

As long as the puppy can walk a few yards within your home, it’s ready for training and he will never forget what you teach him. Mature dogs tend to pull because they feel they are old enough to explore their surroundings on their own.

Reward Good Behavior

You can encourage the dog to walk by your side by giving it something to eat. But you have to dish out something small so that it keeps coming back for more of whatever you gave it. The idea behind this approach is that it encourages the dog to focus on you.

The other trick is to turn around pretend to be walking back to where you came from. If the ignores your action, you should call it by its name. You should have a bone or anything that it can eat in your hand and give it the moment it comes to where you are standing.

Don’t Tolerate Pulling

Pulling should be discouraged right from the start. If you allow your dog to loiter around, it will never stop because it will adopt that behavior. The worst mistake you can make is to give your dog something to eat while it’s still pulling.

If you notice that the dog is pulling on the leash, you should stand firmly. Although the dog will strain its neck, it will eventually come back to where you are because it can’t go further than the length of the leash. The other alternative is to walk away from where the dog is pulling such that you will be the one pulling the leash.

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