Tasty Homemade Meals for Your Dog

Vegan Dogs!, Is it Healthy for them?

Tasty Homemade Meals for Your Dog

Cooking for your dog can be as easy as cooking for yourself. Dogs need many of the same nutrients we do, with a slight variation in amount and types of foods that are safe to consume. Listed below, are options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These are quick meals that you can eat yourself, the important thing to remember when cooking for your dog, is not to use salts, artificial flavorings, or heavy seasonings.

Taming a Glutton Dog

For breakfast, see if your dog would like a plain scrambled egg and plain cooked oatmeal for protein. You prepare this on the stovetop just as you would for yourself, only remember, no seasonings! Feel free to whip up some for yourself and add all the fixings you like.

For lunch, ground turkey and steamed carrots is an excellent source of protein, vitamins A & K, and potassium. If your dog isn’t so into the carrots, you can grind these up in your turkey, as well in small amounts. See if hiding them in the meat persuades them to eat it all.

For dinner, ground red meat, chicken livers, and white rice are an excellent source of protein, healthy fat and carbohydrates for your dog. Simply cook the ground meat and livers together until done, and for the white rice, just steam it as you would for yourself. Again, no salt or seasonings added to any of your preparations for the dog.

Vegan Dogs!, Is it Healthy for them?

If you want to make your dog a special treat or dessert after his meals, try a steamed or mashed sweet potato, sliced apples, or peanut butter. Dogs have different preferences just like we do, seeing which foods your dog likes best is easily accomplished by trying out these meals. You spread this out throughout the week, instead of giving them a whole day full of new foods.

Your dog will surely enjoy at least one of these items, their health benefits so much from eating natural foods with no artificial preservatives or colorings just as we do; giving them a nice meal now and then goes a long way.

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