Territorial Barking


Effective Ways to Handle Dog Barking.

Almost every dog owner has had to deal with a cacophony of barking at a time where silence was the preferred atmosphere. If you are looking for a solution to such a problem–other than placing your dog up for sale–the following tips may be helpful:

First and foremost, teach your dog a specific “no bark” command. This must be done from the time your pooch is a puppy for it to be effective. Territorial barking is very common, and often happens when a person walks by your home. Say “good dog” after he or she has barked once so that the dog will continue to warn you when strangers are around, but will not bark excessively.

The other most common type of barking is for attention. Offering a treat to get your dog to be quiet is always a mistake. Even though this may be tempting, it will only make the problem worse. It is far more effective to train your dog that extra barking will not result in extra attention. When this is done consistently, eventually he or she will be broken of the habit. It is also a mistake to make a production out of leaving your home, as this will almost always encourage attention- barking. Do not offer special treats or make a big ceremony out of saying goodbye to your dog. Simply walk out of the house. This will train the animal that this is not a significant parting, and therefore barking upon your departure and return is not necessary.

Do not bark with your dog! Many people resort to yelling at their dog to be quiet, but unfortunately our furry friends often interpret this as us barking with them rather than telling them to be quiet. Therefore, instead of making it appear as if you are joining in the fun, use the no bark command immediately when this type of sporadic barking occurs.

Finally, learn how to recognize when your dog is barking for a reason other than those listed above. For example, an intruder may be on the property or perhaps your furry friend is experiencing pain. Such situations must be dealt with at once for obvious reasons. However, if your dog is merely barking at passerby’s or for attention, the aforementioned suggestions will help get your pet’s behavior under control.

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