The Love that Dogs Share


As pet owners we may often be asked why we are so grateful for the love that dogs share. There are many reasons to be grateful for our four-legged companions from those that are quite simple to others that are a little more complex. Dogs fulfill a variety of needs for people and the task is often dependent of the specific needs of the owner. For example, some dogs are simply used for companionship while others are used for much more serious tasks such as protection or to perform as service dogs for individuals with various types of disabilities.

Dogs as Companions

For people that use dogs as companions they are often extremely grateful for the love that their dogs show them. Many of these people are often alone much of the time with the exception of their dogs. Over time this can get quite lonely so it is only natural that their pets fill a gap that might otherwise become so wide that it could lead to serious problems aside from loneliness such as depression and other such issues. This may not seem like a lot to some people, but for those that have dogs for this reason they tend to be extremely grateful to their dogs simply for having someone there to return the love that they give.

Service Dogs

For individuals that have a need for service dogs they are still grateful for the love that their dogs share. In addition to this however they are also extremely thankful for the service that their dogs provide. This is particularly true of people that have some sort of disability and rely on their service dogs to perform even simple tasks that other people might take for granted. Some common disabilities that service dogs might be used for include blindness, deafness and even epilepsy or other types of seizures.


Work Dogs

Many people think that work dogs and service dogs are the same thing however this is not always the case. Work dogs are generally used for tasks that are much more complex than simply providing service to the disabled. One such task is herding sheep or other types of livestock. Even dogs such as this show love to their owners in between jobs and the love they share shows their owners that they are loyal and protective. These are two characteristics that are extremely important to the owners of work dogs because it shows them that the dog is serious about the jobs that they perform.

When you stop and think about it, it is not difficult to see why people are so grateful for the love that dogs share. Dogs are more than just animals that we have for pets; they are living beings that are also capable of giving, as well as receiving, love. This makes them pets that are in high demand by a good many people.

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