The only surviving, adoptable dog from unsolved mass slaughter is ready and waiting!

only-surviving-dog-ready-for-adoption only-surviving-dog-ready-for-adoption

One of the dogs who managed to survive a horrific slaughter in Arkansas is ready to be adopted to a new home, reported Sunday’s KY3 News. Kincaid is one of six dogs who somehow survived a massacre that left 60 other dogs dead in southern Searcy County.

The deceased dogs were discovered in a wooded area in December – to this day, nobody knows who killed them, or why. Of the surviving dogs, only Kincaid is ready for adoption. The mixed breed dog is friendly and social – the other dogs are described as shy and they appear to be feral and completely un-socialized.

The massacre survivors have been cared for by the Searcy County Humane Society – the shelter intends to find special families to take in the survivors. People who are willing to work with the unique social and emotional issues of the survivors will be required.

The investigation into the horrific situation is ongoing – no arrests have been made.

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