Things To Know Before Putting Your Dog In Daycare

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Things To Know Before Putting Your Dog In Daycare

If you are unsure of putting your dog in daycare, there are things you should know about the majority of them. Most daycares for dogs have other services that are optional with their stay. Many offer a grooming service, training, overnight stays, memberships, and more.

If your dog has separation anxiety or problems socializing with others, this is a great place to introduce them to their fears. As long as your dog doesn’t have any serious aggressive issues, they should be able to get along just fine; most daycares require your dog to pass an orientation before they can be left anyway. Your dog will have hands-on attention from the staff and plenty of time outside of their kennels to play with other dogs their size and get use to hanging out with their own kind.


When you leave your dog, you can take advantage of other services like grooming or training classes. If you’ll be out of town for a few days, they can learn a new trick or get a nice bath for your return.  If you enjoy these services, many places offer a monthly membership to help consolidate your expenses and get the most out of your money. I think this is very beneficial for someone who travels often, and wants a go-to place for your pet to stay when family is unavailable.

I believe the most important part of your decision on a place to choose will be to spend time there, ask questions, and watch how the other dogs are acting and how the staff is treating them. Of course you want your dog to be safe and comfortable while you’re away and just like any other daycare there is no certainty in their care while you can’t physically see them. Trust your gut, do lots of research, and ask around about the daycare to see what works best for you and your pup.


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