Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

 Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

It takes time to build the bond between you and your dog. On the other hand, it only takes a single mistake to break this bond. We make some of these mistakes without knowing that we are offending the dog.

While we can be forgiven for making these mistakes, the harm they cause is usually irreversible. Just like you, your dog only lives once. There is therefore nothing you can do to bring it back to life once it’s dead. Below is a list of some of the things you should avoid doing to your dog.

Confining Your Dog in a Crate

A crate should be used to transport the dog from one location to another. However, there are some people that confine their dogs in crates as a way of punishing them. This is very wrong because it’s counterproductive.

Grounding works pretty well in children but does the opposite when applied for dogs. Confinement will cause your dog to develop negative attitude towards the crate because it will associate it with lack of freedom to play around.

Avoiding Vet Visits

When your dog gets sick or starts behaving in a weird way such as vomiting or walking in a limp among other symptoms, you should take him to the nearest vet clinic immediately. If an illness or a condition is diagnosed early, it can help in stopping it from worsening.

You should never ignore any symptoms because they might cost you dearly in the final end. No matter how small the condition seems to be, you should never assume that you can remedy it on your own unless you are a trained vet.

Hitting the Dog

It doesn’t matter what your dog has damaged or eaten, you should never beat him. Doing so will cause him to become weary when you are around. Besides that, the pain will lower his self esteem. Even if you only hit him once in the nose with a newspaper, he will start viewing you differently and you will have to build his trust in you from scratch.

Tethering Your Dog with a Chain

Tethering your dog outside with a chain is not kind. Since he is part and parcel of your family, he should not live in isolation because he will be very lonely. You should actually put yourself in his shoes before you tie him with a chain.

Your dog is made of flesh and blood which means he has feelings too. You should therefore allow him to mingle with your family inside the house. On the other hand, leaving him outside during cold or rainy climate can cause him to get ill. Your ignorance will later cost you a lot.

Leave the Dog Unsupervised in Your Car

It’s fun to drive around the city with your dog. Since some establishments don’t allow visitors to bring their dogs, some people opt to leave their dog locked in the car at the parking lot. While confinement might prevent your dog from loitering around, it exposes him to other dangers.

Even if you intend to be away for a short while, you should never leave your dog alone in the car. The engine of your car has a way of causing temperatures to rise sharply inside the cabin.  This heat can cause your canine to get sick and die.


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