Tips on Buying Dog Insurance Plan

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Tips on Buying Dog Insurance Plan

The best way of safeguarding your dog’s health and your finances is to buy a dog insurance cover. A dog insurance cover helps in offsetting your canine’s medical bills. This is because some health conditions cost an arm and a leg to treat. It’s actually recommended that you take time to familiarize yourself with dog insurance packages that are offered by various insurance companies. This will help you in understanding what you are getting yourself into.

Beware of Pre-existing Conditions

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You should take caution when shopping for dog insurance. This is because most insurance companies don’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions. After all, they are also in business to make profit. And they make money when there are few or no claims. Before you buy canine insurance, you should have the dog examined by a vet to ensure it doesn’t suffer from terminal illnesses such as renal failure, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes mellitus and various kinds of cancer. If the company accepts to cover dogs with terminal illnesses, they will definitely require you to pay more in terms of premiums. You should therefore weigh this option against your purchasing power.

Do Your Homework


When looking for dog insurance to buy, price should not be the only criteria for selecting the best cover plan. Although most people argue that cheap is expensive, it’s not always the case. Some health plans are exaggerated just to lure the customers while in reality they don’t come with as many benefits as you would expect from a premium service provider. You can actually get the best cover plan at an affordable price.

Read Between the Lines


Even if you are on a tight schedule, you should not sign on the dotted line before you have gone through the terms and conditions page thoroughly. This will help you in understanding your entitlements and exclusions. As a matter of fact, a good insurance sales executive will encourage you to read the terms and conditions so that the both of you understand what to expect from each other. If the terms are not favorable to your dog, it’s always wise to withdraw from the contract before the money back guarantee period lapses.


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  1. Will they refuse to pay for pre-existing conditions? Will they decline payment for experimental procedures? Do they charge more for older dogs? If we make all of our payments will they drop us if the dog develops a serious condition. What will our deductible be?

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