Tips on Mixing Dog Food


Tips on Mixing Dog Food

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Most dog owners are very conscious of what their canine friends indulge in. Trouble starts when the dog refuses to eat what has been put on the bowl. Dogs are just like humans. They can easily loose appetite after consuming the same kind of food for many days. If your dog looks the other way at meal times, you should consider changing his diet by mixing several types of food. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Add New Shape, Aroma and Texture


Dogs have a great sense of taste, shape and texture. A dog can loose appetite if you have been feeding it with food that has a uniform shape, texture and aroma. You should mix various kinds of food to ensure that there is change in taste, texture and shape. Doing so is likely to yield positive results because the canine will feel like it’s having buffet.

Create Balance

When mixing dog food, you should create a balance of food groups. There are three major groups of food based on nutrients. They include proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. You should include a variety from each group to ensure the diet is balanced. Too much of carbs can result in obesity. Besides that, you should consider the health status of your dog. As a matter of fact, there are certain foods that are not ideal for dogs that are suffering from diabetes and cancer. It’s therefore advisable to consult your vet from the start.


Add Water to Dog Food

Water is very essential to the body because it’s used during metabolic processes such as digestion and perspiration. If your dog has been eating dry food, it’s likely to suffer from constipation. Besides that, dryness in food can conceal some tastes. Pouring some water onto food that has been put into the bowl will soften the meal. Moreover, your dog will remain hydrated throughout the day by indulging on moist food and will not strain while pooping.

Blend Canned Food with Dry Food

The simplest way of adding new flavor to dog food is by mixing processed food with whole meals. This is because each of the varieties has a unique flavor that will make the food appealing to the dog. Since processed food tends to be softer than dry food, you will be giving your dog the privilege of enjoying different texture at the same time.

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