Tips On How To Choose a Safe Toy For My Pet

Tips On How To Choose a Safe Toy For My Pet

Tips On How To Choose a Safe Toy For My Pet

Watch them sleep peacefully hugging their teddy bears it’s a wonderful sight! that fills with peace and the busiest day possible, yet, is it okay to give them stuffed animals to our dogs?

Just like you would do it for toddlers when buying toys for a puppy it’s very important to consider the risks associated with each toy for the safety of our pet. Don’t get me wrong, playing with toys is an important part of our pet’s development: it helps them drain energy, with their teeth health and fighting boredom or anxiety states.

However, some toys are better than others: we all have taken into consideration if perhaps a squicky toy isn’t the best option for a dog that lives in an apartment building. Similarly, even if they seemed harmless, stuffed animals, can be dangerous to your pet’s health and safety, unless certain measures are taking into consideration.

Choosing a Safe Toy

The size and age of your dog: Whether it is a puppy or a large dog, the toy must be manufactured according to your dog’s playing needs. A very large toy can affect the jaw of a growing puppy, while a small toy could be accidentally swallowed by a large dog.

Stuffed Animals: Choose toys designed especially for pets or children under 3 years since their fillings, which should be made out of natural materials, won’t be toxic to them. Avoid those containing small balls of polystyrene or nutshells. Also, avoid those with small pieces that can get stuck between teeth or be swallowed by mistake. Lastly, it should be hard to tear apart as they enjoy playing roughly with them and easily breaking toys will tear apart your savings.

Materials: Chewing toys made out of hyper-resistant rubber are usually more durable and safer option to avoid the risks of drowning. Avoid painted toys that can contain lead or toxic residues as they are more than likely to be ingested by your dog.

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