To Dog or not to Dog ?


Dog-Ownership is a Life Changing Experience

If you are like some catchFred readers, you may be happy and excited at the thought of the addition of a puppy or dog to your home. If you live with others, however, such as a family or a significant other, they may not share your enthusiasm. Because owning a dog can be a positive, life-changing experience, you should make every effort to convince your family or partner that acquiring a furry friend is a good idea.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to share inspirational stories with your family or significant other about those whose lives were changed by the addition of such a pet. This will make it real to them how a dog can be much more than just an animal to take care of, but rather a friend with whom to share their life. Once a person looks at it from this perspective, it will become much more appealing to open his or her arms to a new member of the household.

Another foolproof way for you to convince the other people who dwell in your home to embrace the idea of adopting a pet is to take them to an animal shelter. Explain to them that not only does the experience enhance the life of the owner, it completely revolutionizes the life of the dog. Most people who think they are immune to animals quickly change their mind when they see the hopeful faces in the kennels of a local pet shelter.

If you have youngsters, you can even emphasize the fact that pets provide some of the most wholesome childhood memories a person will ever have. Most conscientious parents want to do the best for their children, and therefore your partner will likely see the logic in allowing the youngsters to enjoy the many benefits of bonding with a dog. Well, good luck catchFred fans, and check back soon for more helpful tips!

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