Top Dog Parks in Miami


Top Dog Parks in Miami

Looking for a nice spot to let your dog out? Finding a good dog park in a big city can be a challenge, but with the help of social media, online reviews, and personal experiences shared on these, you can find a good match for you and your dog fairly quickly. Miami has lots of dog-friendly establishments and parks, for dogs of all sizes. I’ve listed a few favorite dog parks right in the heart of Miami, based on dog owner reviews, amenities, and location.


The Blanche Park is fully equipped with astroturf, water fountains, and obstacles, and free parking. There are no size restrictions on dogs, so large and small dogs are free to roam and play together. There’s lots of shade and adequate fencing, so animals stay inside. There’s also a section blocked off specifically for kids, which is perfect for giving your dog and child some space without worrying.


The Kennedy Dog Park is located in Coconut Grove, located right on the shore with lots of roaming space. The ground in the park is a mix of dirt and grass with a few benches to sit on and a couple of obstacles for your dog. There is a fee for parking, and a size restriction on each side of the park (separating small and large dogs). On hot days, the shade is limited so being out long is not ideal at this park, but on better days it’s an excellent time outdoors.


South Miami Dog Park is located right in the middle of South Miami; it’s smaller compared to the former. It is open to small and large dogs all in the same area, with a few obstacles for dogs of all sizes to use. Part of the park is covered in turf, while the remainder is natural grass. It makes for great pit stops on the way home from the beach or a quick play before leaving the house for the night.

These are just a few of the many dog parks in Miami, check them out and see what’s a good fit for you and your pup!

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