Training Your Dog to Behave Well When Having Guests at Home


Training Your Dog to Behave Well When Having Guests at Home

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You might want to go to family reunion parties with your dog. But then you are not sure whether he will behave well while at the event. If he behaves contrary to how you have trained him, you might end up disappointing your hosts. And although they may not let their disappointment in your canine show, they may not welcome the idea of you going with your dog the next time you visit them.

Pooping Inside the House

Your dog can be very good in using the litter box in your home. But when you take it to another house say of a friend or relative, it behaves as if it has never been trained. Basically all the toilet training skills are left in your home like shoes that should be worn upon returning from the visit.

Keep Accidents at Bay


You don’t want to start scooping poop with a shovel when your buddies are dining and whining. You should avoid mishaps by commanding the dog to go and relieve himself outside the house. As a matter of fact, it’s advisable to take the canine outside the house after every meal so that he can learn that it’s not cool to poop inside the house. You should actually use commands to congratulate him when he poops outside on the lawn.

Keep an Eye on the Dog

The easiest way of preventing poop accidents is to watch your dog closely. Even if you get carried away by the charming conversations, you should not forget to keep an eye on your dog. By doing so, you will be able to tell when the dog wants to poop or pee.

If he starts walking around in a circle and sniffing on the floor, you should take him outside immediately because he may not hang on for long. In fact, you can use “go outside” command to make him get out of the house. This tactic should be also applied when he shows signs of wanting to pee by raising one leg.


Making the Dog to Stop Jumping

Dogs usually jump around when they want to exchange pleasantries with people they have never met before. This behavior can make some people feel offended by the dog especially when they push them around and scratch their clothes. Besides that, the dog might damage some household items as it knocks them down while running up and down. You can stop the behavior by issuing “sit down” command.

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