Training Your Dog to Use the Litter Box


Training Your Dog to Use the Litter Box

Training your dog to use the litter box is the best thing you can do to save yourself from having a smelly house and compound. This is because a dog that has not gone through litter training is likely to pee and poop wherever it feels like. Besides that, you will not have to collect your dog’s poop every morning from the backyard.

For a start, you should buy a plastic litter box because it’s the most durable. The other advantage is that such litter boxes are easy to clean and they come with a lid to conceal the waste. In fact, there are some brands that are self cleaning.

The downside is that such litter boxes are highly priced than ordinary ones. If you have several dogs, you should buy a separate box for each canine because they will not agree to share the same box.

Go for Roomy Litter Box

When shopping for a litter box, you should consider the size of your dog. This is because the dog will first have to get inside to use it. By the rule of the thumb, the sides of the box should be designed to be shorter so that the canine can get in without any difficulty.

Once you have bought the box and brought it home, you should place it in a convenient location. Convenience here means a distance that requires little time to cover. You can actually reserve a room that’s not used by many people.

Look Out for Obvious Signs

At the initial days of training your dog to use a litter box you will have to spend several hours with him per day. This is because you will need to observe his behavior. You can easily tell when a dog is about to poop.

If it’s used to doing its stuff outside on the grass, it will go and stand at the door. In addition to that, most dogs indicate that they want to empty their digestive system by walking around in circles and sniffing around. If the dog goes to the door, you should not open it or let him go outside until he has pooped in the litter box.

You should lead him to where the box is and help him get inside. At first he will hesitate but he will eventually do it. At such time, you should use command phrases such as “go potty” to encourage him to do it. And when he finally poops in the box, you should reward him handsomely with something to eat.

The process should be repeated for a few weeks until the dog gets the hang of it. The poop should be allowed to remain in the box the whole day. This is because the dog will sniff around the next time it wants to poop and it will know where to do it again. If you find the dog pooping somewhere else, you should shout at him so that he may know you don’t want him to answer his call of nature anywhere else except inside the litter box

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