How to Transform your German Shepherd into a Poodle


How to Transform your German Shepherd into a Poodle

It is simple really. All you need to do is take your dog to any pet salon in China. Not being able to speak Chinese is the primary prerequisite. Just hand your terrier over to the groomers, act out your requirements in an incomprehensible manner, and voila! Your German Shepherd becomes a poodle after a good long haircut. If you think we are kidding, ask Leigh Simmons, the British owner of a handsome little German Shepherd, who was given an exceptionally cute poodle after visiting a Chinese pet salon.

Leigh had to relocate to the provincial city of Shenzhen in China from South Wales due to work. Considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the country, Shenzhen is well-known for its steep skyscrapers and bustling modern life. Though Chinese/Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world, Leigh unfortunately, was not a part of that number. Many people spoke English in his place of work, but he had to resort to his unrefined miming skills to go about his regular household chores.

Leigh had settled into his daily routine when the hot weather started taking a toll on his German Shepherd, named Seren. He decided that Seren needed a haircut. He walked his dog up to the nearest pet salon and mimed out his needs with the buzzing sound of a trimmer. The groomers acknowledged that they understood, and requested him to come over after a few hours.

When Leigh came back to the place at the appointed hour, his jaw dropped to behold the state of his dog. The groomers had trimmed down all the hair on its body right down to its skin. And boom, the sturdy young German Shepherd became a cute little poodle! What could the owner do but laugh his belly out. He paid the groomers and took his newly transformed poodle out for a walk.

The thing is, most of Chinese populace owns poodles, and it is a trend in the country to cut every hair on their dog’s body. Here is what Leigh’s terrier originally looked like

german shep poodle

Here is how the poor guy looks like now,


Oh, how we wish we could undo this mess. But guess some folks must live with what they are served. And Seren has definitely got the worst out of the arrangement.

Article By Dhaval Gawas


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