Types of Chocolate and Their Effects on Dogs


Types of Chocolate and Their Effects on Dogs

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One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Humans enjoy indulging on chocolate bars because they are yummy. But did you know that same bar of chocolate can send your canine to its grave?  This is probably because their digestive system is not like ours. As a matter of fact, a dog that has just eaten a small portion of chocolate can end up in the emergency room after a few hours.

According to data collected from various animal hospitals, dogs in particular are vulnerable to chocolate ingestion during holidays such as Valentine, Christmas, Easter and Halloween. It would be cool to share your chocolate with your canine friend if it did not contain Theobromine.


 Although Theobromine doesn’t pose any health risk to humans, it’s known to be poisonous to dogs. There are different types of chocolate in the market. They actually contain different volumes of Theobromine. Below is a list of various types of chocolate and their side effect on canines.

  • White Chocolate: This type of chocolate is believed to be less lethal on dogs. This is because it doesn’t come with high volumes of Theobromine. However, your dog can start throwing up and diarrhoea immediately after ingesting it. The only advantage is that it does not cause heart problems like other types of chocolate.
  • Milk Chocolate: This type of chocolate contains milk as an additive. Nonetheless, it also contains a small amount of Theobromine which helps in explaining why it’s not as dangerous as other types of chocolate. However, the dog might experience diarrhoea if it takes a huge portion of the chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate: This type of is usually dark in appearance. It’s actually one of the most lethal chocolates in the market. This is because it contains a high amount of Theobromine. A dog that has ingested this variety of chocolate will show signs of tremors, seizures and irregular heartbeats. If the dog is not taken to the hospital immediately, death is usually the end result.
  • Baking Chocolate: Just like its name suggests, this type of cake contains baking powder. It’s ranked as the most dangerous type of cake for dogs. The cake obviously contains a high volume of Theobromine. A dog that has eaten this type of cake is likely to suffer from pancreatitis. The condition is triggered by the inflammation of the pancreas.


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