Update on Bindi who was found with her feet frozen to the ground in Brooklyn

Bindi            Sean Casey Animal RescueBindi Sean Casey Animal Rescue

On Friday morning, a dog was discovered tied to a tree in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, New York – conditions were so cold outside that the dog’s feet were literally frozen to the ground.

After being rescued by a good Samaritan, the dog, dubbed “Bindi,” was taken to Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue, and the group immediately transported her to a veterinary hospital. On February 13, the rescue agency updated Facebook followers about the ailing dog’s condition, “Many of you have been following the story of Bindi who was found in Prospect Park with her feet frozen to the ground. Aside from being left out in the cold it turns out Bindi is also very sick. she vomited some pieces of rubber when she arrived and had a lot of blood in her urine. She was severely anemic and X-Rays showed she has three pieces of metal in her stomach.”

Bindi required surgery to remove the metal – on Sunday, the rescue agency wrote, “We are happy to say that the procedure to remove the metal from her stomach was a success . After waking up from the anesthesia she was given another blood transfusion and seemed to be in good spirits.”

Bindi is not fully out of the woods yet – her kidney values are elevated and she is undergoing more tests in order to determine the cause. Anyone interested in helping with Bindi’s ongoing veterinary expenses can make a donation to SCARs Critical Care Program at this link, or call the vet at

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