Uruguayan Cimarron: a Trueborn Gaucho

Uruguayan Cimarron: a trueborn Gaucho

If there’s a word to describe the Uruguayan Cimarron is: strength. This breed recently categorized by the Kennel Club shows guard dog features that separate it from most Latin American specimens.

Its magnificent aspect comes from several Molossian features, that were used in the Uruguayan Pampa for livestock breeding, having the predecessor races to the Cimarrón as support for the Gauchos in the field work.

His origins: A Tale of Independence

Since Conquest time, Latin America was a prosperous space for the mixture of different European dogs breeds that, together with Spanish conquistadors, began to populate and cultivate lands and develop commercial activities. By the XVII century, these dogs were mixed and their most important features were strengthened with different purposes: some for grazing as was the Mucuchíes in Venezuela, or keeping safe properties and livestock, as is the case of the Cimarron.

His mixed origin makes uncertain the possibility of determining its ancestors 100%, but Spanish Mastiff is considered obvious. Brindle, caramel and spotted coat, its name is a southern expression that means: “untamed” or “the one who lives in the hills”, its reproduction was so efficient and left to natural selection that, compared to many other races created by man’s intervention, the Cimarron formed himself with lines that spontaneously took shape in his natural environment.

For a time they were considered a “threat” to livestock in the Uruguayan Pampas since this truly independent race originated and adapted to live in non-domestic conditions. However, its strength aroused interest in the locals who adopted the Cimarron and domesticated the imposing specimen as guardian.

His distinctive alert ears give him the aspect of a true hunter, though the tenderness in his eyes makes them similars to a Pit Bull Puppy. Of great adaptability, the Maroon females are around 35 kilos, while the males can reach 45 Kilos, formed mainly by muscle, which gives them a strong and firm appearance.

Territorial, is a race that requires wide spaces to exercise and drain a large amount of energy. Loyal, active and noble, the Cimarron tends to get especially attached to his master, who must have a firm attitude over their indomitable character. is not considered a lap-dog, accustomed to spending long hours being pampered. Do not.

Is not considered a lap-dog, use to spend long hours being pampered, he won’t. The Cimarron will instead be the ideal companion to live on a farm and accompany you in the country life, to exercise and travel long distances. If you are a hunter, an athlete, a cowboy, this tireless worker is the ideal partner for you.

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