Vegan Dogs!, Is it healthy for them?

Vegan Dogs!, Is it Healthy for them?

Vegan Dogs!, Is it healthy for them?

The tendency to live healthier lifestyles that taking special attention of nutritional and medical aspects, without taking away the gastronomic pleasure, has raised the appearance of food offerings of the most varied: gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan … The movement of Cruelty-free products has expanded to reach our faithful companions.

Behind every vegan dog, there is a Dog-lover who expects his best friend take the same path he did: a life free of meat products. However, can dogs go vegan? At first glance, experts in animal nutrition agree that there are no studies supporting the possibility of a pet nutrition (cats included) that can be 100% meat free.

Nonetheless, there are numerous brands offering the possibility of adapting your dog to a diet free of animal derivatives while keeping their nutritional values covered. However, veterinarians believe that the origin of this “Trend” lies in the humanization of our pets.

Humanizing Dogs= Hurting Dogs

In addition to dressing them and expecting from them human-like behaviors, the “trend” of “vegan dogs” is a reflection of a society that does not assume diversity. Dogs and cats have been eating other animals throughout their evolution, denying them access to this type of food obstructs their good development because:

– These diets result in poor protein intake.
– Low in essential amino acids.
– Free of taurine and L-Carnitine (which leads to cardiomyopathy related to low taurine, eye problems, reproductive and growth failure).
– Low levels of vitamin D and minerals (such as B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron)

However, there are success stories supporting the possibility of a 100% vegan diet.

The most important thing is evaluating your pet’s diet with a veterinarian and determine if it can provide the necessary nutrients, proteins, grains, and vegetables that your dog requires to stay healthy.

Tell us about your experience with vegan dog food? Would you change your pet’s diet?

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