The Venezuelan Sheepdog from Los Andes

Mucuchies! The Venezuelan Sheepdog from Los Andes

With more than 400 years, the Mucuchies breed named by the mountain region of Los Andes where it originated, is the Venezuelan national dog since 1964. It is believed that this breed was created from the mix of Mastiff of the Pyrenees, Spanish Mastiff, Shepherd of Atlas and Great Pyrenees.

With the intention of carrying out pastoral work, the Spanish conquistadors would have brought these dog breeds, known for their powerful abilities in the care of herds, to accompany them into the new world. As a result, they developed a large, athletic, robust dog with great talent to protect their masters.

With noble and kind eyes, similar to a San Bernardo, it measures up to 1.80 cm when standing on two legs, with a weight that varies from 35 to 50 kg, and a distinctive white and wooly coat that protects him from the inclement cold weather of the Páramo. Their coat may also have black spots, honey or brown, but always with a black snout.


His temperament is characterized by great bravery and intelligence. With the right socialization, it’s possible to control his permanent alertness and live nearby buzzier environments. Despite Its large size, requires a high level of exercise because it is quite agile and elegant, but it can develop overweight when not given the necessary activity for a proper physical development.

With great health, this sheepdog doesn’t need a high level of maintenance. The thickness and density of its coat vary between wavy and smooth hair with longer length towards the back and legs, requires brushing every other day and, above all, much love.

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