Veteran Needs Service Dog to Travel Country – Neglected German Shepard Needs Second Chance

quinton and dudley

Dudley, a neglected young German Shepherd, found a loyal friend and companion when he was adopted by Quinton, a long distance truck driver.

Dirty Dog Squad rescued Dudley from the Carson shelter, where he had been abandoned, malnourished at just 55 lbs. and suffering from bilateral pneumonia and severely infected skin wounds. Behind his impossibly long snout and huge ears, they saw a sad and broken soul that deserved a chance for a better life.

After several weeks in the hospital, and thousands of dollars of veterinary care, Dudley filled out at his frame at 80 lbs and regrew his lush coat. Sadly, Dudley also had orthopedic issues that were not curable, including hip dysplasia, and were going to require long term veterinary care and an understanding adopter. Though Dudley was eager to find his new home, because he had been so neglected and isolated during his early life, he required extra training and time before he was ready for life with a new family. The rescue knew it was going to be a challenge to find the right home for Dudley, but we were determined to be patient and give him a life of happiness and kindness.

After nearly a year of fielding potential applications, Dirty Dog Squad were contacted by Quinton, who had seen Dudley’s posting on a website. Quinton, a veteran of two tours on active duty in Iraq, was disabled with PTSD and worked as a long distance truck driver. He had no family and spent weeks at a time alone on the road. He was seeking a German Shepherd to join him, as both a companion and a therapy dog. When Quinton read Dudley’s story, and then saw his video, he immediately felt a bond to the dog that was also alone in the world. The next week, Quinton met Dudley, and the chemistry between them was instant.

Within a few days, Dudley was officially registered as Quinton’s Therapy Pet by the Veteran’s Administration and they set off on the road together. Dudley quickly took to spending his days together with Quinton on the road, and learned the routine of hotel rooms and truck stops. By the end of their first week together, they had already been through New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee and into Georgia.

Today, Dudley, the dog who only knew the confines of a back yard, spends his days on the open road criss-crossing the country with Quinton. During the day he enjoys watching the scenery pass by in the window. At night, when they sleep in the truck cab, Quinton takes the top bunk, and Dudley takes the bottom. Two souls, once alone in the world, now together, helping each other with a new start on life.

Stories like Dudley’s can only happen with your assistance. His rescue and rehoming was the most emotionally and financially demanding case Dirty Dog Squad has ever faced. While it was incredibly rewarding to find Dudley his forever home, the cost of his care, training, boarding and rehabilitation nearly broke the organization.

Dirty Dog Squad depends entirely on private donations to help change more lives like Dudley’s, To donate, and to read more about their work, click here.

Dirty Dog Squad is a Venice, CA based 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is tax-deductible.

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