Veterinaries That Lie to Dog Owners


Veterinaries That Lie to Dog Owners

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There are some vets out there that like to sugarcoat everything. They avoid telling the truth because they don’t want to disappoint their clients. There are others that lie to uninformed customers. Such vets prefer to tell their clients what they want to hear.

Although the truth hearts, it’s better than the white lies. Being told the truth can help in avoiding looming danger. Below is a list of common lies that are told by vets that fear telling you the naked truth.

“He’s Not Fat, He’s just Huge”

When a vet says that your canine is not fat and opts to refer to him as “huge”, you should know that he is just trying to use polite language. You should regard his statement as a white lie and do something to help your dog loose weight. An overweight dog is at risk of contracting diabetes and other respiratory diseases that are caused by overeating.

We Have Gagged Him to Silence Him

Most vets usually gag dogs with a muzzle before examining him. The funny part is where they try to make it look like they want him to remain quite throughout the session. The truth behind this argument is that the vet does not want to take the risk of being bitten by your dog.

He’s Not Stinking, He Smells Nice

There are times when you find yourself taking the dog to the vet a few hours after washing it. If you have not wiped it with a towel, it might emit a smell that’s not pleasant. But since the vet doesn’t want to loose a customer just because of a smell he tries his best not tear into your self esteem. After all, he is not giving his services for free. It’s therefore advisable to wait until you have returned from a vet clinic to wash your canine.

“You Forgot to Carry Your Credit Card? We Don’t Do It For Money”

When you tell the vet that you didn’t carry your credit card, he might choose to still treat your pet. The truth is that the vet is not sure you will pay up. Deep down his heart, he doesn’t want to follow you up to make you pay. And although he might say that money is not everything, he is in business to make profit.

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