Video: Top 10 Common Dog Health Issues And Solutions


Video: Top 10 Common Dog Health Issues And Solutions 

Just last week one of my frenchies (12yrs) started acting very strange,barking running in circles and generally behaving in a more aggressive manor than usual, i thought he was having some sort of Alzheimer’s episode .. I had no idea what was going on but i could tell something was really bothering him so i had no other choice but to take him into the vet.

The Problem turned out to be an ear ache and after a few prescribed drops he was  back to normal !! . I Know ill be making more routine check ups to the vet because sometimes our pooches don’t have a way of telling us somethings up .

Anyway My Boy Simba is back to swapping beds and couches throughout the day and drooling all over my floor .. so  happier than ever, thanks vet 🙂 

A recent study commissioned by Bayer found that seven out of ten people care more about their pet’s health than their own. Let’s count down 10 of the most common dog health problems, with advice from a veterinarian on how to treat them.

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