Hilarious Dog Wedding Is Absolutely Adorable


Hilarious Dog Wedding Is Absolutely Adorable 

I love this idea i may propose the idea of proposal between My Two French Bull Dogs, It Would Be honour To see my Boys Get Married lol 


THIS chauffeur had to put his foot on the poodle to make sure he got his loved-up passengers to the church on time.

They didn’t let it ruin their big day that they only managed to get a Bentley for the occasion – they would much preferred to have travelled in a Rover.


By the time they arrived for their wedding, all their chums were waiting and the ushers were barking orders to the guests.

The ceremony passed off without incident, although the bride has warned the groom that any nonsense and it’s curtains for their marriage.

After woofing back the food at the reception, the happy couple left for honeymoon on the Dalmatian coast – they had considered going to Catmandu but felt they’d be too dog tired to go hunting pesky felines.

They are hoping to spend time in the casino, where they hope to Winalot.

Before they agreed to their union, they visited a solicitor to sign a pre-nip agreement.

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