Watch:When Your Dog Gets The Zoomies


Watch:When Your Dog Gets The Zoomies

Dog owners are often baffled when their pets will suddenly get a ridiculous burst of energy that sends them racing around and around the house or yard as if they’re competing in a high-stakes chase with no other participants. As quickly as it starts, the frenzied race ends and the pup plops back down and everything is normal again.

Animal behaviorists and trainers have dubbed these bursts “frenetic random activity periods” or FRAPs. But pet lovers often just call them the zoomies.

FRAPs are just normal releases of pent-up energy, says veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker. They’re relatively harmless unless you have a small house with a lot of fragile obstacles or you get caught in the path of your racing pet, he says.


“Puppy and young dogs are most likely to engage in these bursts of crazy, but even an old dog can sometimes get the zoomies, especially with a pup to spur him on,” says Becker.

Don’t want to risk the furniture or your kneecaps? Becker says it’s an even better idea to help your dog release his energy with a good walk, a game of fetch or some other active fun. Most dogs these days are “born retired,” he says, and rarely get the exercise they need.

Although some trainers say certain breeds such as herding dogs and greyhounds are more likely to experience FRAPs, U.K. animal behaviorist Georgina Martin points out that nearly all dogs zoom after a bath. Maybe it’s the release of energy or frustration or just the relief that they’re no longer in the tub and can do something a little less distasteful.

In any case, she says, “True zoomies are obviously fun, can start spontaneously and the dogs appear to enjoy them.”

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