Weimaraner: A graceful hunter!

Weimaraner: A graceful hunter!

The history of the Weimaraner can be traced back to Charles Augustus of Saxon-Weimar-Eisenach, who during the late eighteenth century was known as “the hunter among kings and the king among the hunters”,  ordered the upbringing and development of this gray specimen to accompany him during his days of hunting in the Germanic forests.

Of great strength and intelligence, the Weimaraner is extremely loyal and, rather than running behind the prey, prefers to remain beside his master on a picnic. Very protective, they need the training to control their instincts

An excellent dog for country life,  high-performance athletes and farmers. His retriever and search talent is highly developed and like many other large breeds needs to do a lot of exercises to prevent him from going out to explore by himself.

Full of energy and bred to hunt all day with his master, those who can’t live up to this behavior should think of a less active race. A true passionate for their owners, they’re extremely familiar, need constant contact with their ‘pack’ and can be absolutely indifferent to a stranger pampering.

They require a lot of time from their owners and need constant challenges to their privileged intelligence. Not a fan of spending long hours alone at home since his willingness to socialize are very high, they don’t tolerate solitude easily.

Its coat, short and thick, protects them very well of humidity; Allowing it to be an effective swamp hunter. Maintaining its coat only requires a weekly brushing with a bristle brush or a glove, although a more frequent grooming intensifies the affective bond especially for the long hair variety.

They need daily activity since their energy level is particularly high. However, the training methods, which must be initiated in puppyhood, must be firm but kind, since the Weimaraner is as sensitive as full of energy, and severe treatment would destroy his good disposition and spirit.

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