What to Do Before Taking your Dog to the Kennel


Taking your Dog to the Kennel

There are places you can’t go with your canine friend. At such times, you should consider taking your dog to the nearest kennel. Kennel services serve as dog sitters while you are away. Taking your dog there is better than leaving it alone because it will be fed and play with other dogs.

The good thing is that a kennel is affordable when compared to hiring a dog sitter. Besides that, your dog will learn a few tricks from mingling with other dogs. Below are some of the things you should do prior to taking your canine to the kennel.

Book Your Spot in Advance

You just don’t wakeup one day and decide to take your dog to a kennel service facility. The facilities render their services on first come first serve basis. This is because there are usually many people at any given time that want to leave their dogs there.

The advantage of booking early is that you have an opportunity to compare various facilities. If you wait until the last minute, you will just have to accept what’s available especially if you are on a tight schedule.

Vaccinate Your Dog

You should make arrangements with your vet to have your dog vaccinated before taking it to the kennel.  This is because kennel centers provide a favorable environment for diseases to spread. Kennel cough in particular is spread by coming into contact with an infected dog. Other diseases to worry about include rabies and distemper. This is because you can’t be sure that all the dogs in the boarding facility have been vaccinated.

Prevent Fleas and Ticks Attacks

Although kennel services try their best to control fleas and other parasites, it’s never an easy task because there are many dogs that come from different homes. As a matter of fact, you would expect such a crowded place to be infested by fleas and ticks. You should therefore apply spot on drops on the fur of your dog. You can also use dusting powder or oral pills. These chemicals do a great job towards fighting against fleas’ infestation.

Prepare Dog Food

When planning to take your dog to the kennel, you should not rely on the meals that are offered by the facility to canines. This is because your dog may not like that food and is therefore likely to go hungry for several days. It’s therefore advisable to prepare food for your dog and put it in a labeled container.  Although most kennels have a dedicated vet, you should leave the contact details of your vet so that he can be consulted in case of an illness.

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