Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass


Why Do Dogs Roll in the Grass; If you own or have ever owned a dog then you already know that one of the first things they do when you let them outside is roll in the grass. You have probably even asked yourself many times just why they do this. This is one of those things that canines do for a variety of reasons and sometimes for no reason at all other than the fact that they can.

Modern day canines are descendants and distant cousin to the wolf. It is part of a wolfs natural instinct to roll in the grass when it smells different scents. The reason for this action is to get the scent on their body which then allows the wolf to carry that odor back to the pack. This enables the wolf carrying the scent and the other members of the pack to trace the odor back to its original origin.

If you have ever given your dog a bath only to have them immediately roll in the grass you likely became a little less than pleased with their actions. One reason that they do this is to rid themselves of smells that they don’t like. Canine noses are much more sensitive than that of humans and what we thing smells really good might be offensive in their opinion. As a result of this they will roll around in the grass in an effort to get the less than desirable smell off of them. This is particularly true when they are bathed in scented shampoos and perfumes. If you want to curb this behavior you might consider trying different types of grooming products in an effort to find one that your pet will consider more tolerable.

Itching is another common reason for your pet to roll around in the grass. There are many different things that can make your pet itch including skin allergies and insect bites. The best way to alleviate this behavior based on causes such as this is to have them checked by your vet to identify the source. Using medications to prevent the infestation of fleas and ticks is highly recommended since these are among the most common of insect bites in pets.

Humans are not the only ones that can be plagued with obsessive compulsive disorders – pets can be too. This may be another cause for your pet to roll around in the grass excessively. If you suspect this is the case call them to your side when they engage in this behavior or look for other ways to distract their attention. When you are successful in preventing these excessive rolls make sure to give them treats. This will help your pet to realize that this is the kind of behavior you are seeking and the treats will lead them to do it more often.

While rolling in the grass in and of itself its not a dangerous act some of the things that are in the grass can be dangerous to your pet. For one thing this is where fleas and ticks can be found at any time and the more they roll in it the more likely they are to be plagued by these parasites. In addition to this the grass may be treated with products that contain chemicals that are dangerous to your pets. If you treat your lawn with anything make sure that you use products that are pet safe. This will help make the grass a much less dangerous place for your dog to roll around in.

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