VIDEO: Why Dogs Are So Sloppy Drinking Water?

VIDEO: Why dogs are so sloppy drinking water?

VIDEO: Why dogs are so sloppy drinking water? 

We know water is vital for life, whereas humans should ingest an approximate 6-8 glasses of water a day, dogs according to their breed, of course, have similar needs as their body is formed in approximately one 60% by water.

In this way, there is a general rule that a dog will consume 2.5 times the amount of water they eat. Then, a little more than double your food bowl, under normal conditions, will suffice. For arid climates, hot seasons, summer, or long training day in the park, we may have to add an extra.

The water and food containers should preferably be made of stainless steel since plastic containers can cause certain types of allergies in dogs. Ceramics, on the other hand, are difficult to wash due to their porosity and dangerous in case of rupture.

How do they drink?

The way our pets drink can be truly fascinating, I find relaxing the sound emitted by my puppies when drinking from their bowl. This is because the conformation of dogs faces doesn’t allow them to drink in liquids the way we do, so they manage to lift the water with the lower part of the tongue and quickly catch it in their jaws to drink it.

In this way, a small amount of floating water is recovered by the snout of our friend who can now quench his thirst. In the process, little of the water falls in the surroundings, but as you may understand its really difficult to maneuver water against gravity.

This method is general for all dogs breeds but is surprisingly different from the way cats drink, because felines splashed less water since their tongues rub the water superficially.

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