Why Have Dogs Become So Popular in the UK


Why Have Dogs Become So Popular in the UK; In the past the prevalent choice of pet in the UK was the cat. It seemed like everywhere that you looked families had cats for pets. Over the past several years however the dog has become more and more popular as the number one choice for family pets. The most common breeds of dogs that are seen as pets in a large number of homes include the French Bulldog, the Chihuahua and the Pug. These breeds of dog are considered to be designer breed and it is believed that owning pets of these breeds is a sign of high social standing in the community. Basically owning such designer breeds indicates that you are high class or of a high social status.

One of the reasons for the rise in popularity of dogs in the UK is due to the fact that they are so visible in the world of celebrities. People feel that owning these pets puts them in the same realm as big name celebrities that own like breeds making them feel more classy and sophisticated.

Another thing that has caused the rise in popularity of these designer breeds is the fact that they are so readily available particularly through internet sources. This is were you have to be really careful however because not all of the animals that can be so easily obtained through such venues are legitimate or even legal. It is not uncommon for these canines to be smuggled into the country illegally or have health and vaccination records that are forgeries or otherwise inaccurate. When pets are obtained in this way it can lead to large amounts of money because the animals must then be quarantined to ensure that they are without diseases and other conditions. In addition to the possibility of forged documents and illegal smuggling of such animals there is also the chance that such animals do not even meet the minimum age requirements set by the law. This means you could quite easily be presented with an animal that is much younger than his documents claim. This is why it is so important that when you purchase such animals you should always choose reputable breeders that can be verified. By choosing such venues you will also be sure that you know exactly what you are getting and avoid such unnecessary costs at the same time. Purchasing animals through these internet sources may seem like instant gratification because you don’t have the waiting periods that you may experience when dealing with reputable breeders. Unfortunately when these sources are discovered to be less than reputable the time that the animal must then spend in quarantine is often much longer than what you might have to wait to begin with. This is in addition to the added cost that is associated with such quarantines and all this comes out of the pocket of whoever purchases the pet.

Currently the number of canine pets is numbered at close to nine million with feline pets coming in second at less than eight million. This is the first time in more than twenty years that dogs have outnumbered cats as the most popular pets in UK households. With the continued rising popularity of what are considered designer breeds of dogs it is estimated that the popularity of these animals being chosen as pets will also continue to rise as well. These adorable breeds are known not only for how common they are becoming but for many they are also considered to be as sought after as the latest trends in fashion accessories. As long as there are individuals who want the latest in popular fashion accessories there will also be those who seek the most popular and sought after pets as well.

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