Why It’s Definitely “a Dogs Life”


I am sure that most of my fans here at catchFred have heard the saying “it’s a dog’s life.” Based on some recent observations, I think I have finally come to realize why humans make this statement. Simply put, I think we enjoy life more. Here are some examples that support my theory:

I was traveling with my human through town one day. I believe these excursions are called “errands,” although I see little need for most of the objects we bring home. However, getting back to the point, there were many cars on the road, which slowed our progress. This definitely irritated my human, who spent considerable time making odd gestures and yelling at other drivers. What a futile waste of energy! After all, this is usually the case when we drive somewhere. I resigned myself to that fact long ago, so why didn’t my human? After all, people are supposedly the more intelligent species. In contrast, I simply enjoyed putting my head out the window and feeling the cool breeze on my fur. I couldn’t help but think my human could have enjoyed the ride a lot more by acting in a similar manner instead of getting riled up over circumstances that couldn’t be changed anyway.

Humans engage in many futile activities like this, such as constantly stating how concerned they are about health and nutrition, yet doing nothing to change their bad habits. When it comes to me, we do whatever the vet says is best. Why doesn’t my human take this same approach and follow the people doctor’s advice?

They also have a habit of saying they never have time to get out in the fresh air. I find this amusing, because I secretly know they have plenty of time for the great outdoors, they just prefer to spend it playing with their phones. The latter are supposedly “smart,” but in reality they can do nothing without help. I call them “dumb phones” when no one is listening, but I don’t tell my human that.

It’s kind of sad, because they miss out on major fun, like watching sunsets, hearing crickets, or seeing me in action when I’m chasing other dogs or showing a new puppy the ropes. They are so “crazy busy” with their 42 inch plasmas and their many complicated gadgets that the simple pleasures escape them. It makes them kind of cranky if you ask me.

Unfortunately, they have just never learned how to enjoy life. That is not a problem that I or any of my friends have ever experienced. We definitely stop and smell the roses–and everything else that crosses our path. So there’s one thing I definitely agree with my human about: it is indeed a dog’s life!

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