Woman Facing Charges For Running Fake Rescue To Sell Sick Dogs


Woman Facing Charges For Running Fake Rescue To Sell Sick Dogs

IRVINE, Calif. (KTLA) — A California woman is being held on felony charges after she’s accused of running a fake rescue group and selling sick dogs.

Police say Megan Hoechstetter sold a family a puppy that died a week later. She listed puppies for sale online and claimed that they were rescue animals.

Police found 19 puppies when they arrested her. They think those dogs may have come from Mexico.

Experts are reminding people of guidelines to follow when buying a puppy.

“So we recommend that people go to a shelter or go to a reputable rescue group, that they get health paperwork, that they’ve been seen by a veterinarian at some point, because most reputable people will take their puppies or even older dogs to a veterinarian, so they’ve actually been seen, you’ve got the health records and that type of information,” Jim Warren from Irvine Animal Shelter said.

The recovered puppies are all being evaluated and treated.

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