Women Arrested After Dropping SECOND Starved Dog off to be Euthanized

women arrested with emancipated dog

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Animal are Earthlings too, let us all do out best to help those in need and believe we are smart enough to make a better life for all.

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  1. Starve this Animal Abusing Bitch!!! Omg makes me sick & so does the Justice system! Are you Fricking Idiots! Yay sorry she needs to be first starved then at end no not euthanized keep her starving till she does Die!! Karmas a bitch you heartless human!! No your not Human your a pathetic piece of shit!! Ignorant Monster!!!

  2. Outside of the fact that this woman has done this heinous crime to TWO wonderful animals and suffered no repercussions for it, the police did NOT respond when called to what was considered an emergency (their obligation), I am most pissed off at the following statement in this story: “Investigators found another dog at Dillard’s residence – the dog was said to be in good condition and was left at the home.” Are you freakin’ kidding me??? Is it going to take THREE dogs to die of starvation before they bring charges against this woman? What the hell are you waiting for? I pity that poor dog left behind. It won’t be long before she starves that one to death too. God bless the souls of the two who are no longer suffering under her cruel hand. Wake up and arrest this woman!!

  3. I can’t believe they left a dog with this bitch! I don’t care if it was in good condition. They other two dogs were probably in good condition at some point too.i would say she needs to be starved then euthanized. Just saying!!!!

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