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In 2015 a new trend was started with the World Dog Awards hosted by George Lopez on the CW network. Not only was this special award show a huge success last year but the CW network recently announced that it would be done again, World Dog Awards 2016. The show features some of the most talented canines around. Some of the animals that are honored are well known film stars while others have been made famous as a result of their following on social media. Awards include Most Pawpular which is an award given to the dogs that have become most famous as a result of social media as well as Dog of the Year and A List Dog. Other dogs that are honored include service and rescue dogs that help those that are injured or disabled. In addition to honoring these precious animals there are some humans that will be recognized as well including celebrities that advocate for these precious animals and the shelters that help them find forever homes.

Although some of the dogs that are recognized in these dog awards are celebrities this is not always the case. Some of the animals that are honored simply based on the impact that they have made on their communities. While these honored pets may become quite well known after being recognized in such a way they certainly don’t always start out that way.

The host of the World Dog Awards is a very well known name in the world of entertainment due to his late night talk show on TBS. He also had a hit television show that ran for six seasons as well titled simply George Lopez. In addition to his rise to fame in the world of comedy he is also well known for his work with various different charity organization. It is this work that makes him an excellent speaker for animals across the country and he takes this role very seriously.

Although the CW has announced that the show will come back this year for the 2nd Annual World Dog Awards the date and time have not yet been determined. Be sure to watch your local listings for information on when this will air in your area. If you like to see the pets we all love and cherish be recognized and awarded for their efforts then this is definitely a must see. It only happens once a year so you don’t want to miss it.

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