Would you give him a hug?

Would you give him a hug?

When we’ve decided to include a dog in our lives, there’s no remedy, our heart expands and we start to feel love for all dogs. Each house we arrive in which lives a beautiful furry pal, we possibly spend more time sharing with him that with the actual host, because dogs as you might agree, all have a special charm.

Watching dogs living on the street is very difficult for me, surely for you too. Sometimes we all dream of being able to take home every dog that looks at us from the sidewalk with his big sad eyes. However, logically, we can’t do it. At least not ALL …

The First Hug Campaign

With 2,068,564 views “The first Hug Campaign” went viral from Thailand and has been replicated by various media outlets showing us the attempt of “M Panu”, a young YouTuber, to raise awareness about the isolation and sadness in street dogs lives.
Deprived of human contact, food, a safe place to call home, these furry friends have the same needs as ours but they learn to live a life against their nature, even though dogs can develop instinctively in rural and urbanized environments, their social functions and needs for affection, petting and love are never covered when they live in the streets.
This poignant campaign gives us a glimpse of the immense change we can make in the lives of these noble and lonely dogs by just stopping for a minute to give them affection. It could be that, after a life of harshness, this is the first hug they received… it could also be the first of many in the future, who knows!


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Hi! My Name is Nataly and I´m in a long serious committed love story with both of my rescued dogs: Frida and Amelia. I use the time that's left, between fetching balls at the park and tummy tickling, to collaborate here at CatchFred.com with heart melting dog stories and tips to take better care of our furry friends. I’m also developing a career as a Fashion-Beauty writer and Makeup Artist. Follow me on IG: Soy_nats to meet my babies and check some of my work. High Paws!

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