York County Great Dane Births 19 Puppies


If you have heard of the popular reality show 19 kids and counting, try this one on for size. In York County, Pennsylvania a Great Dane is really making headlines since giving birth to 19 puppies recently. Although a normal size litter for a Great Dane is between 7 and 10 puppies, the couple who own this Great Dane stated that X-Rays of the mother showed a minimum of 15 little ones.

Although it is quite rare for any dog to have a litter of this size it is not the largest litter on record. The current record for the largest litter born was in 2004 when a Neopolitan Mastiff delivered 24 puppies by Cesarean in England according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Unfortunately 4 of those puppies didn’t survive as one was stillborn and 3 more died within the first week of birth.

Although this massive litter of Great Dane puppies was born earlier than expected they are reported as doing well and thriving more than 3 weeks following their birth. Mother Snowy is just over 60% European Great Dane and the father of this huge bundle is American Great Dane. The couple who own Snowy, Brandon and Aimie Terry, have placed an ad on PuppyFind.com in an effort to find homes for 18 of these cute little bundles of joy. The puppies were born in late October and are expected to be ready to go to their new homes the week before Christmas making them perfect Christmas gifts. According to the listing there are 10 males and 8 females who need good homes with loving parents. The asking price for the puppies is $850.


In an interview with ABC the Terry’s stated that they knew Snowy was pregnant but they never dreamed she would have a litter of this size. They have chosen to keep one of the puppies and find suitable homes for the other 18 of the litter.

The couple realized the puppies were coming when Mr. Terry was doing yard work and kept hearing a noise that he said was similar to a cat. He found Snowy giving birth to the first puppy with 6 more to follow rather quickly at the couple’s home. The remaining 11 puppies were born in a nearby animal hospital. The puppies have recently opened their eyes and Mrs. Terry says that they are quite mobile and playful amongst each other.

While the puppies are cute and cuddly now they will grow to be quite large dogs as adults. Great Dane’s generally reach a height of about 3 feet when fully grown. For this reason, anyone who is considering adding a Great Dane to their family should have plenty of room for them to get the exercise that they need. Small spaces are definitely not suitable for dogs of this breed.

It is often a surprise to a dog’s human parents when they have puppies but this litter was a real shocker due to the number of puppies that were born. The Terry’s have been really busy trying to keep these 19 little bundles corralled and Mr. Terry even quit working so that he could stay home and properly supervise the Great Brood. Mrs. Terry is a full time student and has continued with her studies.

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