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Dog clicker training utilizes a toy noisemaker (clicker) to mark wanted actions. The clicker will be a tool and will act as a “conditioned reinforcer” since they can be paired with things your dog wants to focus on (frequently, although not always food) which in turn we use to communicate with them.

A clicker is really a small device that you could carry easily, affix to a jacket, or retain in a pocket. Whenever you press onto it, it can make a unique clicking sound. They’re offered at a pet supply places, quite cheaply and affordable and in most cases sold in groups, as it is handy to possess several around.

Dog Clicker Coaching Tips:

The initial step is working on your mechanical abilities, before you start the dog training to develop your mechanical abilities. You are able to click a clicker considerably faster than you are able to say “Good!” or other praise word. Since dogs can perform a lot of different things very quickly in a short period, the faster you click, the greater your chances you will be able to have indicated the precise behavior you desire to reward.

In case your dog is scared of the sound the clicker emits, consider using a much softer clicker or use a retracting ball point pen or perhaps a Snapple lid. Any time you click, deliver a reinforcer, ideally within 1-2 seconds from the click, specifically for beginner dogs.

What goodies would you use on dog clicker training?

Mostly, people use food goodies. These may vary in deliciousness, with respect to the situation. Small bits of raw carrot would do however for pickier dogs you can use bits of hot dog, meat or commercial dog treats and cut it in small pieces.

When doing clicker training, avoid adding a signal before the dog is carrying out the behavior dependably. You’ll need a nice steady rhythm of behavior, click, treat behavior, click, treat. The moment your pet eats the treat, he offers another sit.

Once he’s reacting towards the signal easily, start proofing for fluency to ensure that your pet will react to the signal dependably in many different conditions, even far away.

Should you perform a large amount of clicker training together with your dog, remember to give him less at meals!clicker2

In case your dog is not that into food, then other rewards may be used such as having fun with a toy, or something that your pet likes.

Rather than considering it as being an exercise method, you are able to think about it as being a different way of interacting between both you and your dogs. For instance, whenever a dog is uncertain inside a new situation, such as with a veterinarian’s office, just a little clicker training around the place can help to eliminate his anxiety and show him what you would like and that you care.

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