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Master the Walk

“By mastering the walk, you have the ability to truly bond with your dog as her pack leader. The walk is the foundation of your relationship.”

– Cesar Millan

Cesar has long highlighted the importance of dog owners properly controlling their dogs during walks, but realized they often lacked the necessary tools to do so. He designed The Illusion Collar™ and Leash Set to assist owners in achieving maximum control during walks.

Revolutionary Design.

Most dog collars rest on the strongest part of a dog’s neck, giving dogs the leverage they need to take full control of the walk, and of you, too. The Illusion Collar is different — it keeps the slip collar at the top of your dog’s neck so you can more effectively control and correct your dog during walks.

New Advanced Features

The collar’s new clip buckles and connecting straps make it even easier to put on and adjust. With the new clip buckles, you can adjust the collar once to get the proper fit, and you are ready to go. No more having to adjust the collar every time you get your dog ready for a walk. The connecting straps are now permanently sewn in place eliminating the need for adjustment. These two major improvements make going on a walk using the Illusion Collar a snap!

Sizing Information

The Illusion Dog Collar comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. To determine the proper collar size, measure the circumference of the throat at the base of the neck.

Small 13″ – 15″ (33 – 38 cm)

Medium 16″ – 19″ (40.5 – 48.25 cm)

Large 20″ – 23″ (51 – 58.5 cm)

Important: If your dog’s neck measures less than 13 inches, or more than 23 inches around the base, you should NOT use the collar. The Illusion Collar is not intended for dogs weighing less than 18 pounds (8.2 kilograms), or for puppies under one year of age. Please consult your vet about any medical conditions before using this or any corrective collar.

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Based in Toronto Canada, Animal Rights Advocate and Relentless Volunteer!

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