Why is My Dog Trembling?


If you are like most catchFred fans, you have probably wondered about why your dog trembles sometimes. If you own a small dog, you may notice that he or she trembles or shivers quite regularly. There are several reasons for this occurrence, some of which are more common than others.


Similar to humans, almost all dogs shiver when they are cold. This action increases circulation and helps the animal to maintain its core body temperature. Becoming chilled on a regular basis is not good for a dog's health, and therefore if you feel that your pet is cold too much of the time, it is wise to schedule an appointment with a vet.

Nervous Energy

Some dogs have nervous energy or are easily excited, both of which will lead to trembling and shaking. This is not always a bad thing, as the shivering is the animal's way of dealing with its excessive energy or excitement. However, dogs that are extremely nervous may require a different nutrition or exercise regimen, which is also something you should discuss with your vet.

Pain or Illness

It is important to understand that pain or illness can also cause a dog to shake or shiver. Dogs are very reluctant to show pain, as canine instinct tells them that this will make them appear weak to predators. Even a puppy may attempt to hide his or her pain or discomfort, but the aforementioned trembling may give it away. If you think your dog is ill or injured, seek medical care for him or her as soon as possible.

Genetic Factors

There are also genetic factors that may make a dog shake or tremble, but these are nothing to worry about. As previously mentioned, many small dog breeds seem to have this genetic trait, yet it is not linked to any negative health condition. However, any catchFred reader who is concerned about his or her puppy or dog should schedule an appointment with a vet in order to ensure the animal's health is maintained.

Author | Melissa Turner

Melissa Turner-20-20



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