Abandoned Dog Recovering After Found Almost Frozen to Death In Snow Bank

Abandoned Dog Recovering After Found Almost Frozen to Death In Snow Bank

Abandoned Dog Recovering After Found Almost Frozen to Death In Snow Bank 

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. – An abandoned dog is recovering after she was found nearly frozen to death in a snow bank Tuesday.

No owner has stepped up to claim her and she is in rescue foster care now with a long road of recovery ahead.

The dog was found next to the Kensington Expressway near the dead end of Sandstone Drive in Cheektowaga.

Two women found the chihuahua emaciated, dehydrated and afraid.

They wrapped her in blankets, put her in a laundry hamper and set her in a car with the heater on. Then they called police.

“She was in pretty bad shape,” Scott Thrun, an Animal Control Officer, said. “Her nails were long. Her BMI, body mass index, between a 1 and 5, 3 is ideal. She’s a 1.5.”

Officer Thrun was pulled out of bed Tuesday night to respond to the incident.

When he got to the station and saw the state of the dog, he took her to the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Hospital where she spent the next six hours.

She was treated with antibiotics, salve for an eye injury and fluids.

“If those two nice women that found this dog didn’t find this dog when they did, I would have been picking her up the next morning, but she would have been dead,” Thrun said.

Now the dog, who did not have a collar, chip and still no owner claiming her, is resting in a rescue foster home trough Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue.

“My guess is somebody maybe couldn’t care for her correctly and they basically just stopped the car and let her go,” Officer Thrun, said.

Thrun said they had no tips on who might be responsible for this dog but that person could face charges of animal abandonment and failure to provide veterinary care. Both are misdemeanors.

These are hard charges to prove, according to Thrun, and for now they are focused on healing her.

“She’s going to need to trust people again and right now she doesn’t,” Thrun said. “And I don’t blame her”.

The road to recovery for the dog is going to rack up some medical bills.

The Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue will be handling that and they have a paypal set up if you want to help. (PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/destinysrescue)

If you know anything about this dog, Animal Control asks that you call them at 716-686-3525.

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