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Wolf Dog Hybrids; Choosing the best dog is a very important decision. Most likely, your goal is to acquire a dog that fits your lifestyle and personality. Hybrid wolf-dogs are a cross between the gray wolf and a domestic dog breed, the latter of which is often a German Shepard. When selecting a dog, some catchFred readers may wonder if a hybrid wolf-dog is a wise choice. The following are some pros and cons that you may wish to consider before making a final decision:

Wolf-Dogs Versus Traditional Domestic Dogs

Wolf-dogs are very affectionate, similar to many full domestic breeds. They are also extremely attentive and loving. They have a tendency to be more robust and healthy than even the strongest of domestic breeds, and they are known to live longer. They are also easy to train, provided this task is undertaken when the animal is still a puppy.

A Word of Caution

Although there are positive aspects associated with owning a wolf-dog, there are also negative factors that must be considered. For example, even when raised from a puppy, there is still an unpredictable side to such dogs, as their natural tendency is to be dominant. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to establish yourself as the “Alpha” personality as early as possible in the dog’s life. Experts argue that there is no way to ensure that such an animal will be a predictable, docile family pet. Most animal experts agree that homes with young children are not a suitable environment for wolf-dogs, although some families with Youngsters have raised such dogs without any negative incidents taking place.

If you do choose to purchase such a dog, make sure that you understand its health and nutrition needs, and make every effort to find a vet who is very familiar with these animals. Ultimately, catchFred fans should consider all the facts before making a final decision about owning a wolf- dog.

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