Is It The Owner Or Is It The Breed? The Truth Behind Pit Bull Dogs


Montreal recently enacted a bylaw that will go into effect on Oct. 3 and will, “Outlaw the acquisition of any pit bull-type dogs … and impose strict and costly regulations on current owners of roughly 7,000 dogs.” The law established new licensing regulations and fines that make it more difficult to keep your animal and not being able to pay could result in the animal being euthanised.

Growing up with a father who is a veterinarian, I was exposed to animals from a very young age. I cannot imagine having grown up without pets and without the love that animals can bring into a family. My family has had many pets throughout the years, some of which have been the sweetest animals that would never hurt a fly, while others were a little feistier.

That did not make us love them any less; they just required a little more training, and each dog we had was a different breed. My father has always been passionate about adopting dogs from shelters or rescuing dogs that had been brought into his office without a home, and he passed that on to both me and my brothers.

The thought of hundreds of animals being euthanized because of their breed makes me sick to my stomach, along with the thought of all of the animals who are put down as a result of a shortage of loving homes.

There are troublesome animals, not troublesome breeds. The number of dogs that are very loosely labeled pit bull that could be affected by this is heartbreaking. I have met numerous veterinarians and pet owners alike who have all said pit bulls are some of the most loving animals that they have seen.


Low angle shot of a relaxed white pit bull dog on carpet

Forward by Jennifer Rice Of Sugarsoil

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