Pit Bull Dog Among The Most Tolerable Breeds

A pit bull dog named OJ wears sunglasses as he stands on The Embarcadero with his owner in San Francisco

Just the other day i went to my neighbors house and she had the most gorgeous pit bull, i greeted her and played well she rolled around giving me cuddles. The next guest arrived and it was a different reaction, the man who came proceeded to tell my neighbor how hyper pits are and that they are dangerous, aggressive. i thought to myself “Maybe aggressively licking yeah!”

The truth About the Pit And How It Has One Of the Most Tolerable Dog Breeds 

The American Pit Bull Terrier—a breed often portrayed as highly aggressive—consistently ranked as one of the least aggressive dogs, with the exception being toward new dogs, where it was still below Miniature Schnauzers. This could be because pit bull owners are conscious of the bias against the breed when self-reporting, but it does agree with the American Temperament Test Society, which also has found that American Pit Bull Terriers were among the most tolerant breeds.

Dogs are carnivores, and sometimes they do bite. More than 300,000 Americans visit the ER for dog bites every year, and an average of 25 of these people die from the injuries. In response, since the 1980s, more than 900 cities have enacted breed specific legislation (BSL). BSL can range from wearing a muzzle to euthanasia.  Although other breeds, like Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and even Chihuahuas are occasionally included, almost every BSL is targeted at pit bulls.90606-609x788-playful_pitbull_pups

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